Nerve Tester.

Self Evaluation.

The nerve tester works but the sound isnt as loud as some other peoples.
If i was to change my design, I would, make a pretty back board and make it a lot more colourful.
The easiest part was gluing on the battery and the battery snap, but the hardest part was connecting all the wires and soldering all the bits on the back.

Multiple Intelligences.

I completed a survey which said that my strengths are Kinaesthetic, Musical and Interpersonal.
I agree with the Kinaesthetic one because I am a sporty person and its my favourite subject, I also agree with the musical one because I LOVE listening to music. I am kind of surprised about the Interpersonal one though, because sometimes I find it really difficult to understand my own strengths and weaknesses.


How successful were your predictions? I think that my predictions were pretty good, as I only got 3 wrong!
Were there any results that were surprising? I found it really surprising that sinkers, weights and 2c coins arent magnetic.
Are all metal objects attracted to metal? No. Not all metal things are attracted to metal!
Were any non-metal objects attracted? No, i dont think that any non-metal objects were attracted.
Which object seemed to be attracted that most stongly? What do you think it was made from? I think that the Nickel attracted the most strongly. I think that it was made from metal!